Friday, July 22, 2011

Room (s) Redo, step one

First off, let me just say, Pinterest is crazy. I can't stop. Hopefully I'll be able to pull myself away log enough to do some of the things I've pinned!
Week 2 was scout camp, enough said, crazy week.
June 18th
our front rooms (dining room and formal living room) are really multi purpose rooms. We hardly know what to call them, music, office, sewing, crafting, They are such a hodge podge of hand me downs and really lack style. I thought maybe some rearranging might give us a good start to work with. This is them before...
Above, the computer desk and my desk are now on this wall with the filing cabinet in the middle, the couch and buffet are in the same place. The tv is gone (we don't have tv anyway, didn't think I'd miss it, come to find out I watched movies and shows on dvd more than I realized, oh well.)
Above, the piano is now on the wall where those bookshelves are, which is good, I hear you are supposed to have pianos on an interior wall. The sewing desk and machine are in the same place, the birds have moved.
Above, Peyton's dollhouse is about where the chair is, the chair and the lamp are more to the right, the birds are to the right of where the computer desk is in the picture.
Above, the 2 large bookshelves are on the wall that the small bookshelf is on, the small bookshelf is in our hall, at the end of it. It sounds weird but I like it.
June 21st
Below are all the new locations
The desks below can close now and I love the arrangement so much better now. We stole that mirror from our bathroom. The birds and dollhouse have since switched places.
My book wreath is now on that spot of empty wall. I am going to make some new pillows for the couch and chair to bring in aqua and maybe some orange and white. I want to change out some knick knacks too.
It has room to improve but I like it much better now.


Scrapally said...

It looks nice! Changing things up is always fun. I don't see a picture of the book wreath though...and yes, pianos are supposed to be on interior walls. Great job!

Pollock Palooza said...

Looks great! I am a HUGE fan of moving everything around... more than once;)

Okay and we have a bird, have you come up with a solution to keeping the poop and dropped bird seed IN the cage and not on the floor?

donnam said...

I love it!! Everything looks wonderful!!! We STILL need to get together!!! XOXOXO

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

It looks fantastic!!

(seriously, does anybody actually follow the interior wall rule?)

(from a piano owner that hasn't had ours tuned since we bought it 8 years ago and it's been through 5 moves since then...sheesh)