Monday, August 8, 2011

Finishing June

Well, now that it's August I thought it about time I finished blogging about June! Our second week we had Cub Scout Day Camp, for real this time. I continued my late spring cleaning which I'm sad to say ended almost as soon as it began. After a few weeks of spirited, energetic cleaning I moved on to other interests. Here are some of the plants I pulled out and sprayed off, wow, so easy to clean with a hose! I will be cleaning them more often now.
Here is another before of another one of the many ledges in our house that has been neglected for so long. Disgusting, I know. It was another source of bouncy balls, darts and deflated balloons.
After I cleaned the boys begged me to let them climb up, so I did.
Our inside and outside entry way light fixtures were in dire need of a good cleaning and it was not an easy job but I am so glad I got it done!
Too bad I didn't get a before, it made quite a difference.
I chickened out this year and only helped one day out at camp, the first day. Jacob requested I be there for his first day, I think to ease his nerves a bit. He LOVED it, even the first day which isn't the best day, mostly just getting situated and such.
Jacob really enjoyed the roping and was pretty good at it.
Micah is a big kid now and I didn't get to see much of him but he had a good time too.
What follows the cleaning bug? The crafting bug of course! I got my book wreath done and I love it, it now resides inside by my book shelves. I think I may have posted this already but here you go anyhow...
I get to sub for a card exchange group every once in a while so I've been testing out some card ideas and playing around with my paper and goodies.
Next up, our Utah trip!

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zacktobe5 said...

Anytime you want to craft or card exchange I'm in!!

Debbie Miles