Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Summer...(2)

We went to Monterey! The first day we went to the beach.
We tried out our skimboard for the first time but we didn't have success, the beach was too sloped for us newbies to skimboarding. Maybe we'll have to try it at Avila or Pismo.
It was lots of fun sharing our chips with the amazing seagulls. If you look closely at the bird on the top of the picture you'll see he has a chip in his mouth. They were catching them quite expertly mid air.

I got to enjoy some relaxing time under our new umbrella with a good book.
One of the kids favorite things to do for vacation is to stay in a hotel, and we got to do that. After getting all sandy at the beach we got to relax in our hotel's gigantic hot tub.
The kids liked the sauna too. I prefer a steam room myself.
The second and last day of our vacation we went to the aquarium.
My MIL met us that morning and joined us for the day.
We went to a seafood restaurant where she treated us to a delicious lunch.
Peyton had spaghetti, can you tell?

I had a dish that was kind of like Jambalaya, it was fantastic.

There were life sized statues all over the place and I'm posting a very small portion of the pictures we got with them.

Lastly we went to our favorite park in Monterey, Dennis the Menace park.

Ben's likeness...
It was a fun trip and Monterey is a beautiful place!

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