Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy, Busy, Did you miss us?

Somehow I thought that I didn't have much to blog about, and just tonight I finally put the pictures from our camera onto the computer and realized how wrong I was, so now I'm going to do catchup before this week gets too busy.

May 19 I was trying a new recipe for poppyseed bundt cake and let Ben help. Well, while he was using the electric mixer he dropped the bowl and the mixer continued to spew batter all over us and the cabinets. I must say that I handled it well, I am getting so much better about those things. The kitchen needed a good cleaning anyway. I also have to say that these pics don't do the mess justice.
Ben felt bad and said he was sorry, but got much happier when he saw that I wasn't upset and wanted to take pictures.
He ate lot's of the batter right off the floor, I guess it was pretty good!

Micah is very much in love with his little sister and holds her just about every chance he gets. We went to Jacob's last t-ball game. May 20
Jacob hit that ball really well, it was a great hit!
Tyler really enjoyed coaching Jacob's team, Jacob loved it too!
May 27 Ben sometimes comes on our bed and falls asleep, this time for some reason he put his socks on his hands, silly boy!
May 29 Micah earned his 5th belt in karate, way to go Micah! He still wants to stick with the karate and earn his black belt, so we want to support him in that. I am proud of him for not wanting to quit.
May 30 I went to the best baby shower ever for my friend Kendra. Since she is having her 4th baby and her 3rd girl, she just had her close friends with her. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and then went to Massage Envy and got an hour long massage. It was my 1st massage and hopefully not my last. It was GREAT!!!
This was my room, not much to look at, but they turned the lights down low and had relaxing soft music playing and the room was the perfect temperature. Thanks for watching Peyton and picking Jake up from school Ty ,and Allie, thanks for having Ben over! It was a wonderful day.

May 31 We weren't able to make it to my parents house for dinner last Thursday because I went to my friend Shelly's baby shower, so my mom needed her grandkid fix and came over late Saturday morning and Ben does what he always does with everyone and pulled her all over the place to do his bidding. Nana jumped on the trampoline, did puzzles, etc. I loved these pics of them jumping.

Peyton is starting to use the exersaucer and she really likes it. There are lots of tos for her to practice manipulating her hands and fingers on! She is still pretty slouchy, but her legs are sure strong!
June 1st The boys are really doing a lot more on their own. Ben can toast waffles and Micah can poor milk and Jacob can get dishes down. They are quite the team! Jacob said that one reason it is good to have lots of kids is so they can help do all the work!

Good job Ben, thanks for helping, you do a great job.

Ben likes to make that face.
June 2 All the boys absolutely love their sister and are just so sweet to her. She just lights up when she looks at her brothers.
Peyton has really been discovering her hands and using them to grab everything. It is so funny to watch because it takes her awhile to do what she wants with them. She works really hard to accomplish her tasks.
Benjamin turns 3 tomorrow!!! I ust can't believe how fast my kids are growing up. Happy Birthday Ben! I love you so much and you are doing great on going potty in the toilet, you are such a big boy and a great helper.


Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

Look how cute everyone is. You can totally tell the boys ADORE their sister. That is so cute! Kelly...good job on not getting upset with the batter mess. My kids love it too when I grab the camera instead!! You guys looked cute cooking together. Looks like you captured a ton of super fun memories!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! You are such a big boy and we love you tons!!! We hope you had a very special day!! Love, Aunt Becca, Uncle LeGrand, Brayden, Adelyn, Sophie and Kolby!

The Gage Cage said...

Some times life gets so busy that it becomes a blur. Thank heavens for pictures to help us remember. I love your pretty tile in the kitchen BTW.

Cassie said...

You always look like you are having fun! We definitely need to get together this summer.

Lou & Shannon said...

Kelly! How cute all the pictures are. I love the one of your mom and Ben on the trampoline. What a great picture. I didn't realize that Tyler was coaching Jacob's T-Ball team...Lou coached Jackson's team this year too. I haven't posted pictures yet, but we will.

Anyway, great pictures! I love your blogs.

Janelle Ehat said...

What a fun post and what cute pictures of the kids! They are so sweet! It's fun to keep in touch with you guys through these things and see how things are going with you all!

The Waldrams said...

Wow! You have a great family! 4 kids must be hard, I guess you do have to keep your sense of humor when messes happen. I'll have to remember that next time that happens here.