Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Mine is probably the only zoobilation blog you will see Orange Explosion in! Just 2 days following Jacob's field trip too the zoo we were back again for a zoo members only event. It was there in the parking lot that we spotted this beauty...

Of course, you may know that the zoo is in a pretty "Ghetto" area, so this really isn't all that surprising, I just had to get a picture of it.
feeding the giraffes, my favorite thing to do at the zoo

Zoobilation was pretty fun. We missed going to a few of the behind the scenes things we could have seen (animal hospital and reptile house) but we did go into the elephants area, very cool. Ben peed in the toilet while we were there too, that was a bonus (I am so sick of potty training!)


Cristy said...

I love the zoo!! The last time we tried to feed the giraffes - Aaron would NOT!!! He was too afraid that the tongue would bite his hand off. Too funny!!! Looks like you had fun!!

Kristie said...

We saw that car too! Hilarious!