Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pasadena 2!

Ok, so there are several other blogs from the last week that I really should be posting, but this is the one I want to do now, because this is what we are doing now! So, the next few blogs after this trip will actually be from the past week. We have had so much fun today. We hung out at the pool most of the day, with just a few breaks for Peyton to nap and for us to eat lunch. Ben has become quite the swimmer and Micah and Jacob had so much fun having him swim to them. Who knows, a few more days in the pool and he may not need lessons after all! The kids just love swimming when the water is not too cold. They also have enjoyed going from the pool to the spa and back again. Peyton was an angel as always and just enjoyed watching us all from her stroller. The weather here is perfect, sunny and warm but not unbearably hot. The only reason it's still perfect to swim is because of the slightly heated pool.

After Tyler got back from his training we headed to Hollywood and had dinner at McDonalds on Hollywood Blvd. I know, of all places, McDonalds. It was just the first place we ran into and the kids were all hungry and cranky from getting to bed so late, getting up early, and then falling asleep in the car on the way there and being woken up. So, McDonalds it was, and they couldn't have been happier. After that we went to the Wax Museum and then Ripley's Believe it or not. I'll post some of those pics tomorrow, they're still in the camera. After that we got lost on the way back to the hotel, but it wasn't so bad, we got to drive through Bel-Air and Beverly Hills and see all of the insanely large homes, and Jacob said a very sweet prayer when he was worried about us being lost. The whole time we were gone Peyton didn't eat and she was a doll hanging out in her stroller again. Good times, good times. Oh yeah, Ben is finally starting to tell me when he needs to pee. He told me when we were getting into the car leaving Ripley's, so what do I do, let him pee in the parking lot of course!

Benjamin, my little fish.

I love this picture, the boys hanging out in the spa.
Ben swimming from Jake to the steps.
My happy little Peybie Baby.
Swim time! They really didn't want to stop for pictures.
Last night, so excited about the Television, and yes, we are still tv free at home, I know, crazy. This is the boys side of the room.
My and Tyler's side of the room, and Peyon's too, her pack n play is just to the right of the slider.
Best Friends, Jacob and Micah.
Little Ben, all the way on the other side of the bed.
Peyton and her doll, snoozing. I was a little worried she wouldn't sleep being in the same room with us all, no problems though. How did I get so lucky?


Cristy said...

There's nothing I love more than many mini vacay's!!! You look like you are having a great time! I would go a little crazy though spending so much time at a hotel without my hubby! Good job keeping them all happy and safe!!! Love that spa pic!!! Take that same pic in about 10 years! How fun to have all those boys!!

Cassie said...

Anytime you aren't home, it's a vacation! Why don't you have TV at home-by choice?

Lou & Shannon said...

How cute all of your pictures are! Looks like you guys are having fun. Talk to you soon.

kelly said...

Yes, it's by choice. We haven't had cable for a long time, the kids only ever watched PBS, and they got kind of burned out on that, so they rarely watched tv. Tyler and I hardly ever watched, so we figured we'd just save the $20.00 a month we were paying for basic cable (local channels). No one has complained at all about it. We still have our tv sets, they just don't get any channels, we can watch movies though on dvd.