Sunday, May 24, 2009

I couldn't think of a title

Ok, so this post is maybe a bit out of hand, but I'm getting behind! I'll keep my words short, a picture says a thousand words right?

I don't know whos idea this was, but the other went right along with it.
When it's not too hot we've been enjoying our backyard. Thanks to Susie V. (my mom's friend) we've had a pretty cozy swing.
Ben is NEVER not posing. Maybe it's just how he is, but he always looks like he's striking a pose
Balls and dolls, that's what this little girl is all about, she is pretty fond of water and dirt too.
She gets a little frusterated with this ball, it's too big and heavy but she still tries.

She adores any small furniture, usually chairs, she loves stuff that's her size, apparently she thought this would make a nice seat.

Ahh, twilight in the backyard, isn't it pretty. Daddy had been pitching balls to the boys back there lately. We really are enjoying having a backyard more than we thought we would.
We're a few people short of a team, I think we need to get together with cousins soon!!!

May 5
yep, another day, same clothes. I promise we won't do that once they're in school!

If you got to hear my talk in church on Mother's Day, this is what I was talking about. It's cat poo, no, none of the kids pooed on the bed. Peyton got into it, but she discovered pretty quickly it wasn't a good idea and came to me for help right away.
May 7
I don't know how Ben will ever decide between these two girls. When he isn't with them he is asking to be with one or the other or both. He adores them and they play so well together. Aubriawna and Rebekah.

May 8
The one thing I do love about summer is swimming. My parents just retiled and resurfaced their pool too. I am so glad they live close to us. Thanks for letting us use your pool!!!

He has to take a break now and then to soak up some heat. The water is still a bit chilly.We have another fish on our hands with this girl. She doesn't mind how chilly the water is and has taken a few plunges and not gotten upset at all. Maybe she'll even start swimming at 2 like big brother Benji did! I love my water babies.


Luna said...

We have done the same clothes for 2 days before. Doesn't everyone have those days?

The Faridoni Fam said...

Love that first picture!! Your kids are too cute. Not sure I would have handled the poo situation so well though! That could have gone terribly bad!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Your backyard looks great! What wonderful memories you are making!

Sheri said...

I love the first picture. Have your boys been reading my blog? Uh. That picture of the cat poop made me gag a little. Luke tried to bring home a stray kitten he found yesterday. He got a big fat "no" from me. I was questioning my decision... up until I saw that picture. I wish I could have heard how you tied that into your talk. Awesome.

Kirsten said...

It looks like you guys have been enjoying some nice weather!! Your backyard does look good...I bet all that hard work, laying the sod, etc feels so nice to enjoy right now! I love the picture of the boys on are awesome!

Bryan and Helga said...

WOW that is a lot of fun all on one page!! We wish we could be there to be a part of it all! We love and miss you guys like crazy!
I'm sorry you didn't know about Oklahoma I thought Bryan called and talked to you guys!? SAD! Yeah we had no choice but to come sell again! FUN Ha!!
anyway we love you tons!! xoxoxox

Big Momma said...

at least your kids are wearing clothes, even if they are the same. on most days after the oldest gets home from kindergarten, between all 4 of them wearing something, 2 of them might be considered fully clothed! :)