Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Saturday part II-picking fruit at the Rhames'

We went to the Rhames' house out in the country and picked cherries and berries (black and boysenberry I think). We kept some and shared some. I wish I could say that was me below next to Tyler, but that is Sister Johnson ( pretty sure that's her name!) from our ward, she is one of the prettiest sister missionaries I've ever seen, sorry I don't have a pic of her face!

There I am below, I appointed my side kick, my sister Morgan as photographer since I had work to do, and I am just about MIA in all of our photos, some day that will really make me sad.
The boys

The kids were a little too short to pick cherries, so I helped Ben a little.
The wanderer
I never knew how painful picking berries was, there are all kinds of thorns, and if you want to get to the good, big, ripe berries you have to get right in the thick of it. I was proud of Morgan, she got right in there.

Miss P loves Dogs and dogs love Miss P! She is definately sweet, the dogs can tell too because she never escapes a dog without being licked all over.


Luna said...

I love berries, and always get so excited to pick them, but never so excited about the scratches.

Zanny said...

How FUN! What cute pictures!

Caleen said...

What a great activity to do with your Family. I am sure the kids had fun and won't forget it.. When I was young I loved picking grapes and tomatoes and other veggies and such with my Family. We had a lot of produce in our own yard and it was work but, I did feel grateful we had it. So cute!!

Yasmine said...

Oooohhh delicious. What did you do with all those berries? Milkshakes, pie?

I love the piano practicing advice...thanks!

kelly said...

The berries went into all fruit smoothies and got snacked on Al la carte. Yummy!