Monday, June 1, 2009

Honestly, I look forward to this all year.

Every year around Mother's Day is Father's and Son's, or the Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration as it is now known. Since Peyton has been in my life we have taken this opportunity to have Girl's Weekend. While the boys are away camping, us girls are living it up at home!
The boys left Thursday night and I took that evening to get the house cleaned up and did some digital scrapbooking. The next day, Friday, my sister Morgan came over and we started the celebrations. Sonic for lunch and we bought some candy and ice cream for that night, and loaded up on movies from the Red Box and Vons wanna be red box. (nothing beats Red Box!)

Mmmmmm, fast food. Clean, quiet, house. I love it.

I am so glad to have a girl to more fully enjoy times like this. She is a doll and I love having a buddy. We did some Dacing with her, which she loves....

My sister and I watched The Secret Life of Bees (my favorite of the 5 movies we got)

Morgan shared her Sour Patch Kids with Miss P and this is the face she always made. She liked them once the sour wore off.
I tried to capture her face and this is what I caught instead, a yellow Sour Patch Kid flying out of her mouth!

My Mom joined us later that evening and we had Me N Ed's pizza delivered, half combination and half pepperoni and pineapple. Our first flick of the night was Bride Wars, pretty cute, we laughed and enjoyed it. Second flick was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I liked it, we all liked it. It was different, if you know me, you know that I like different. I wouldn't however recommend it to all. We pigged out on Reese's Pieces and brownie ice cream. My mom and sister called it quits and went home.

Saturday left me to finish watching movies, Taken, very good, enjoyed it and then 7 pounds with Will Smith. I love Will Smith and his movies have been awesome, until this one. He was good in it but the movie itself stunk. Lame plot, pooey ending. I also did some more scrapbooking and just before my boys got home I was starting to miss them!


Scrapally said...

fun stuff! I always loved those weekends too! You squeezed a lot of fun in a small amount of time!!! My favorite quote is "there is beauty all around, when there's no one home!" I love my alone time!!! I don't get it anymore...

Big Momma said...

that's right... while the boys are away, the girlies will play!

*i hadn't realized how long we have lived out-of-state until i read "vons".... in chicago it was dominick's and out here it's safeway. but vons, man that goes waaaayyyy back. hehe

Jill said...

I remember those days well...not the daughter part, obviously, but the boys all leaving and loving the quiet clean house. That was always the very first thing I would do after they would leave...clean the house!

Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh, your weekend sounds AMAZING!!!! That is so cute that Peyton joins along too. So next time can I invite myself?!?! Just kidding...keep up that fun tradition. A clean house, movies, not having to cook, you can't go wrong with a tradition like that!!!