Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My how they've grown!

I toyed with the idea of titling this how I did or using, "We all still Believe!" We all do. I was sure that this would be the year we lost Micah to the non believers, but alas, I think we will all always believe. It makes me sad to think of all the kids who've been old Santa is not real by other kids, or at times even their parents. I will never tell my kids that Santa is not real, ever. Santa is real, he makes Christmas more fun and magical and those who do not believe do not receive!












Grandmotherfairy said...

What a sweet, priceless, post Kelly. It seems like the older I get...the more I believe!

Cristy said...

That was sooooo cool!!!!! I wish I had that for my children!!!!!

Jill said...

How wonderful that you have each one of these pictures! Your kids just get cuter every year so it you're thinking that, it's not just you....I see it too. Good lookin Santas, too. Is it the same one each year??

Nicole Saunders said...

Awesome pics, Kelly. And how cool that for like 6 years it was the same Santa?

Yasmine said...

That's a lot of Santa pictures! What a cool way to see the changes from year to year.

The Waldrams said...

I totally agree! I LOVE the picture with Santa saying "ssshhhh". This is such a cute idea! Merry Christmas!

Robin said...

I love the post !!! Your family is so adorable !!! I too think it is so cool that the coolest Santa is in so many of the pictures !!!