Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are we only on day 3?

Wednesday morning Nana Paula and Aunt Mo and Dustin met us all at Build-a-Bear where Nana let the kids pick out new clothes for their build a bear's (or monkey or puppy) and spent WAY too much money. Thank you though Mom, they love getting new stuff for their build a bear's. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them with Nana before they left, oh well.
We got to enjoy the crazy weather outside and finally sent off Micah's rocket that the Linford's got him for his birthday at least over a year ago.

Peyton with Maddie Monkey dressed in the new clothes, ready for spring.

Here they are, the whole gang with their new clothes, and yes, guitars for the military attired bears.
Wednesday also brought us Ben's first dentist appt. Yes, his first, my bad. With so many of us I just assumed he was in the mix at some point, I was wrong. He has been very excited to get his teeth cleaned and did a fantastic job. They only had double films left and they let us take home his duplicate x-rays for the scrapbook. I love our dentist's and their entire staff, awesome office, seriously.

He really was more excited than he looks.

They got us back right away and were very quick, as we had a show to catch at the $3 theater, The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan. It was alright, I almost fell asleep once or twice, but more importantly, the kids really liked it and there was only one part that was slightly inappropriate. The kids had a late lunch of candy at the theater and we picked up 89 cent 5 layer burritos or nachos at Taco Bell for dinner. Aren't I a good mom? When we were eating one of the kids pointed out that we never had lunch..."AHEM?! What did you think all that candy was at the movies? A snack? We never eat that much just for a snack!"


Luna said...

I LOVE that you had a lunch of candy right after the dentist!

Melissa said...

Glad you got to use the rocket. Hope it went really high.