Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caltrans Kids Day

Every year Caltrans has a kids day for the families of their employees. It gets better each year. There are a bunch of different stations where the kids can do different activities (like make a street sign, use surveying equipment to hunt for treasure and go inside huge machines, just to name a few).
There were a few visitors there this year.

This was a really cool truck that had a huge and very powerful vaccuum hose on it.

I wish I would have had my hair vaccuumed!
This truck below was some kind of snow equipment, the kids got to go sit inside and honk the INCREDIBLY loud horn.

Peyton was happy with her sucker and rubber monkey.

I made Morgan pose on the police motorcycle, she was a good sport (we were both in our suits and cover ups for our first trip of the summer out to the waterpark).
The boys enjoyed playing in the police car, we had to make them get out to let other kids get a turn.

We are looking forward to next years kids day already and plan on going again.


Luna said...

I LOVE the hair vacuum pictures! Too funny!

Zanny said...

Kelly! You have to invent the hair vacuum! Blow dryers for the winter months, and The Hair Vacuum for the summer ones. Because who likes to blow dry their hair when it's a bagillion degrees outside?! I'm telling you, to it, you'll make bagillions!!

Caleen said...

Funny Pictures of the kids having their hair vacumed! What a fun idea.. You are a great Mom!