Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cub Scout Day Camp

June 14th - 18th I can't believe this was already a month ago! Our summer has sure flown by. Cub Scout Camp was the first week after school got out, everyday from 9 am to 3:30pm at Reagan Elem. It's a pretty new school so the trees are very small and there isn't any shade to speak of. We were fortunate to have some abnormally cool days, a few anyway. I got a nice start to my tan, my farmer's tan that is. It was a sports theme this year which didn't excite me or Micah much but I ended up really loving it and wishing I had tried basketball when I was in school. This is micah and Keith during one of the basketball drills. Camille Fox (I think that was her name) was one of the teachers in that rotation and she was awesome.
Archery, one of mine and Micah's favorites, we both want bows now.
We had a guest speaker, do you recognize him? If you don't you probably don't care anyway, it's Pat Hill, the football coach from Fresno State.

My group of boys was able to carry me on a homemade t-shirt stretcher!

Cliff McKinney coached/taught flag football, that's Micah with the ball. You'd never guess he didn't like sports.
On the last day it was incredibly hot and the boys did all kinds of relay races, here is the frog hop.

This is my group, they were some pretty awesome kids and I am proud to say that I survived (barely) the entire week all by myself with this big group of Wolves.
I look forward to next year and being Jacob's Den Leader for Cub Scout Day Camp. There were a lot more activities and rotations that I didn't get pictures of or that I didn't post. Everyone did a great job. My favorites were, basketball, archery, wood working (tool boxes), swimming, music, waterslide, map and compass (even though our group lost and I sweat like a pig running all over the school). I'm sure I left some out but they really were all fun. Thanks to all who helped put it together and kept it going!


Jill said...

Amazing you got Pat Hill as the speaker. I will show this to Dennis...he will be impressed :)

Melissa said...

That looks fun. It almost makes me miss being a scout leader.