Friday, July 16, 2010

Still alive

This summer has been busy and fun. I was able to be Den Leader again for Scout Camp, Micah was in my group again. After Scout Camp I was also able to go to Girls Camp again, at Camp Keola. In between we have been swimming at Nana's house and going to the water park. We got passes this year which we haven't done since I was pregnant with Peyton, so the boys have been very happy. I will hopefully be posting all of our summer events soon. Our laptop is very old and is having some issues. The usb ports are pretty loose and will no longer recognize when my hard drive is plugged in which is where all of our photos are and all of my digital scrapbooking stuff is. I have lots of pictures building up on my camera and I really miss scrapbooking. Tyler said he will try to set up our wireless network again and I can do everything that way. The only drawback there is that it takes so much longer to do anything. Anyway, Tyler implemented a new program for our household, those of us at home during the day anyhow. We, myself and the boys included, are responsible for cleaning one room a day. It's been great. The boys are learning a lot, our house is getting back in shape and I'm not having to do everything! It's just one room a day and I have help, I can handle that! So far we have done the boys bathroom, their bedroom, the living room, and today the kitchen. I plan and hope to keep it up. I miss blogging, kind of ;) I must not lie, it's nice to have a break, but I do want everything recorded! I hope you are all having a great summer.


Scrapally said...

You might not miss it as much, but we miss you! It is my journal, so I HAVE to do it. :) Still need to come over for my scrapping tutorial! Sounds like you are having a great summer! When you run out of rooms, bring the gang and come on over!

Jill said...

I like that idea of doing one room a you all work on the same room together?

kelly said...

yes! Same room together, and it goes so quickly. I guess when they all get older and we want the whole house clean at once we can each do a room ourselves though, hmmmm, that's an idea!