Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ninja, Flight Commander, Robin, Princess P, what do they have in common?

They all belong to me!
Oct 28
Every Thursday I help in Benji's Kindergarten class. The Thursday before Halloween they got invited to go trick or treating at the district offices. Peyton saw all of the kids there that morning in their costumes (we had to bring one to Ben because I didn't know they could dress up) and she wanted to get dressed up. She sat like a little angel while I curled all of her hair into ringlets, even the ones that are already in ringlets got curled, and did her make-up. She wanted to be a fairy, in her same costume from last year.

She was very happy.

This was Ben getting off the bus, it was his first school bus ride and first school field trip. I grabbed the spider-man costume because it was the most handy and only one piece. He was happy to have it, he only complained later that I didn't bring the mask. Shame on me.

Oct 30
Halloween for the most part. Trunk or Treat.
Micah was a ninja. Nana Paula got him this costume for his birthday, an early birthday gift. He was not up for something reused, recycled or repurposed.
Jacob was a flight commander. Aunt Lindsay got Micah this costume for his birthday a few years ago on after Halloween clearance. Jacob was very accomodating this year and had no complaints about reusing, this costume was never even worn for Halloween, it was perfect. He was the cutest pilot or flight commander I've ever seen.
I found this at Goodwill for $4 several years ago. Jacob wore it for Halloween once and now it's Ben's turn, a very adorable Robin.
The Linfords gave us this very pretty princess dress (a hat too) that was Lauren's. I am so glad that Peyton wore this, she was so stinkin cute. We had a nap issue that day and she went to sleep about 30 minutes before it was time to get ready. I had to wake her up (not a good idea) She did not want a costume on, any costume, she didn't even want to go to trunk or treat. My sister Morgan came over early and helped me to literally tackle her hair with a few curling irons and we did without the make-up. It worked, I am so happy she got out of her funk and was dressed up so cute. At the time we took this picture she was still in her funk and did not want to look at me, that's ok, you can see her curls better this way! Oh, her little crown comb was from Stefanie Adams in the conference basket she gave us (she's my VT).
First trunk of the night, Sis. Tanner. The boys were off on their own. Peyton moved slower that molasses, she didn't even make it to every trunk before the candy ran out. She was enjoying it though. She gave away most all of her candy anyway.
Suckers are one of her favorites, funny, I always traded suckers or ended up throwing them out as they were the last thing left.
We had an old fashioned stick pull. Next to the chili and cornbread it was my favorite part of the evening. All my kids lost. They were all paired with people about twice their height though. Leg length makes a huge difference. I beat Margaret but she was good competition, then Kendra beat me (mostly because Margaret wore me down and Kendra's about a foot taller than me, no, really, I could have taken her). Melissa Bogle beat Kendra (but only because I wore her down and Melissa really is like a foot taller than Kendra, maybe 2 feet taller than me) I wish we had pictures of the girls, it was really fun.

Oct 31
Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year we opted out of trick or treating and instead let the kids dress up and pass out candy at my moms. It was perfect really. They are always wanting to pass out candy but never get to because they're always out trick or treating. We also picked up Grandma Kay and brought her with us, it was a nice night.
Still more backtracking to come. Next up, candy corn parfaits.


Scrapally said...

Cute! Love those princess curls! All great costumes...Sounds like there has been a lot of fun and a lot of candy! Can't wait to see more posts...

~H said...

Wow!! It looks like you guys had a TON of fun for Halloween! Everyone looks great! We miss you guys sooooo much! We absolutely can not wait until Christmas so we can hang out! :) Yeay!

Love you!! xoxo