Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, my heart is sad and heavy tonight and I'm hoping that posting happy memories will help. I wish I could just blog it all out and get some wonderful advice and support but I recognize that this is definately not the place! So, please enjoy a few more holiday traditions of ours. Next to the Nativity, thease are some of my favorite.

We (rather, the kids) opened our Christmas Eve gifts. Yes, we open one every Christmas Eve. The kids have learned not to ask if they can pick which one. Mom and Dad pick, and it's always new jammies. In recent years it is always new, homemade jammies. This year I included an extra something special.
Peyton got matching jammies for her twin babies. This was a fun project as it was my very 1st (and 2nd) zipper, ever. I have been so scared to sew a zipper because I heard it was so hard. It really wasn't. I did have to take my zipper foot off and use another foot though. For some reason the zipper foot didn't hold the fabric down very well.
I had her stand up so you can see them better. I was just going to make her pants but found I had enough material if I was creative in laying out the pattern and making it a short sleeved shirt.
Micah's pajamas are the same as his brothers but are trimmed with black (from an old maternity shirt of mine). He was already in bed when I got them together for a picture. The boys extras were pillow cases I made using the scraps. Peyton wanted to know where her pillow case was. Note to self, next year make them all pillow cases!
Ben sprinkled reindeer food with glitter in it on the lawn to help attract Santa's team. He made it at school.
Not sure why the picture is turned this way, but this is the note that was with the reindeer food.
Many years ago I found this plate and cup at the dollar store. Milk and cookies for Santa it says. I love it, one of the best dollar store purchases ever. We also left carrots for the reindeer. They ate all the carrots but left the oats and glitter, hmm. Another funny thing, the kids have gotten used to Santa leaving a little of the treats behind and they finish them in the morning, you know, like half eaten cookies. I didn't realize what a tradition this had become until I heard their complaints in the morning when they had seen that Santa ate all of the cookies we left him! I guess it's my fault, we usually leave him a lot more on his plate than we did this year, I guess he just didn't get his fill this time.

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Scrapally said...

Oh no, what happened? I'm sorry your heart is heavy! Let me know if I can do anything! Loving your posts still...your Christmas traditions are very fun! Santa never finishes our cookies either...he must get his fill at all those houses!