Monday, January 31, 2011


We waited at Mom and Dad's door for the countdown. Every Christmas morning the kids pile in our bed, read scriptures, say a prayer and then line up at the door. Peyton was still asleep. We countdown and then...
they run out while Mom takes pictures and Dad videotapes.
We do gifts one at a time so it doesn't go too quickly and we all get to see what each other gets. Santa brought each of the boys a stocking this year and a Harry Potter Lego set.
Micah was so excited to get the quidditch set that he literally jumped up and down.
Ben got The Burrow! It is pretty cool.
Peyton got colored bandaids and Dora bandaids in her stocking and she was very happy about that, she likes bandaids.
We also had a little meltdown about something I can't even remember.
We had breakfast burritos, another tradition for Christmas morning. So yummy.
Mmmmm. We even busted out the white flour tortillas.
Santa found Peyton a kitchen (which she still plays with EVERY day) for a VERY good price. She wanted to play with it immediately. We scaled down a lot this Christmas and I was afraid the kids would be disappointed. The things we did get were all great things though and the kids didn't even notice that there weren't very many. They said it was the best Christmas ever, so were doing it this way every year!
Dad got it together pretty quickly, he loves assembly.

Dad bought the boys fishing poles, he gets them something from him every year, we also got them rollerblades (they've been rollerblading often with Hannah and Tanner down the street).
We got Peyton a stroller for her twin babies, aren't they cute?
Nana and Papa bought each of the boys new sweaters and star wars ships and Peyton got a shopping cart (perfect to go with her kitchen and with her play food from Aunt Lindsay).
We felt very blessed this Christmas and enjoyed less stuff and more family time and Christmas centered activities. This is not my last WE post, but we're getting close!

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