Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peeps Freebie! (Link fixed for 2nd "HERE")

I hope no one got too excited and thought that they would get free actual Peeps. I made this little guy to scrap my Easter pics of Peyton from 2 years ago and thought someone may want it! Go get him here! Here and Here and Here and Here and Here is where you can get different versions of the peeps logo these are all png files and very quick to download! This is what I did with them, the background paper is from Summer Driggs "Owl Always Love Spring" freebie kit. The font I used for the date is "Gentle Redhead".


Scrapally said...

way cute!!!! Makes me want to go eat a real peep! :)

Scrapally said...

yep, it's fixed. Thanks! I have them all. :)

Zanny said...

So cute, Kelly! You are such a good mommy!!!