Friday, June 10, 2011

End of year awards and Peyton's Snail friend Spydo

Micah got perfect attendance again this year. A feat that is amazing to me because of my own horrific school attendance. Jacob missed only one day and he missed that day because he was sent home from school the previous day because of a fever. School policy says they have to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Jacob actually cried that day because he couldn't go to school. He never had a fever that entire day either, it was gone just a few hours after he was sent home. Anyway, maybe next year. I am very happy though that we didn't have any illnesses with Micah and Jacob and that they didn't want to even fake being sick to stay home, good job boys!
Jacob got the school's Personal Responsibility Award again this year, a pretty big award and we are so happy that he is good for his teachers and a very responsible kid. He also got straight A's all year this year, shouldn't they have an award for that? They did when I was in school. So, GOOD JOB JACOB!
Each of the boys received a medal, below is Jacob's medal.
Tyler and I have been walking the boys to school in the morning, and today, on the way to school Peyton found this new little friend that she kept with her all the way home ( I didn't even crush it when she let it go!). I told Tyler I have never seen a snail crawl all over someone when being held, they always stay in their shell. I got to thinking though, I've never actually seen someone LET them crawl all over them! Don't worry, I washed her up with lot's of soap and water.
On the way home it crawled all over both of her hands front and back and then all the way to her elbow.


Ann said...

That's so funny that Peyton has a snail friend. Rachel used to freak out when she was a little girl when there were snails around. Congratulations on all the awards!

Robin said...

Good job boys !!! and ehw to Spydo !!! lol

Grandma Honey said...

like mother like daughter
you are so comfortable w/ little creatures,too!

Kristie said...

Peyton would get along great with my girls! They love snails and always let them crawl all over! Fun!