Tuesday, June 7, 2011

gardening, birthdays and such

I finally got all the pictures off my camera and onto my computer. I didn't realize how much I had to blog about but I'll have to make some choices and limit it a bit.
A few night ago while Tyler was working late the kids and I spent some time on the trampoline together enjoying this lovely, very non Junish weather. Peyton is such a cutie when she jumps I took about 2 dozen pictures! I wish this picture below was clearer, she was making the funniest faces.
You can kind off see below, but she was wearing underwear that used to be Ben's. I thought it was cute that she was in her frilly princess nightgown wearing boy briefs. It really sums her up well, she is a little tomboy princess.
She also helped me make Ben's cake. I am surprised that she can hold the mixer by herself with one hand. Mixing is her favorite part, she says when she grows up she wants to crack up the eggs.
We had family over for cake and ice cream the night of Ben's birthday. I even picked up Grandma Kay so she could be with us. It ended up being a late night but it was fun.
All of the in town cousins (Essien and Dustin) were there. Ben never requested any certain cake and he never complained about the cake I made him. It was lacking in decorations but everyone said it was very yummy and moist. Moist is always what I hope for!

Benjamin is 6 now and pretty much the same as ever. Always making us laugh, loves games, especially the Wii and his new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game. He has the funniest and most adorable was of saying things. He loves having a sandwich for lunch and he is an amazing reader. He is a cuddler and a love bug but when he is going somewhere, like school, you may not even get so much as a "bye". He really likes to have a friend over and he is really good on the trampoline, front, side and backflips are his specialty, he can even do 2 back flips in a row! We love you Ben!
The thunder and lightening storm was our Sunday show. It kept the kids up later than normal but we all enjoyed watching it.
Monday my friend Christie B. came over to make clips and brought us a zucchini from her garden. I told her we didn't have any zucchini or cucumber yet. I took her out to show her our garden and low and behold we had 2 cucumbers! I forgot to get a picture before I cut the big one, here they are below.
Isn't that beautiful? I love having food growing right outside our kitchen window!
Today I decided to get a hold of the weed situation in the garden and check our plants and look what I found! A green bell pepper. Our yellow and red plants have peppers on them too but they are still green, and our jalapeƱo plant has lots of peppers on it. I am really looking forward to our tomatoes, I don't know why, but this year our tomatoes are growing like crazy.

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Scrapally said...

We are getting Zuchini and tomatoes...but I have never had luck with peppers! My sad little plant...well, I will keep checking on it! The birthday and trampolining all look like lots of fun! Don't forget who that cute tomboy princess is betrothed to! :)