Sunday, November 2, 2008

Movie night with the Stutzman kids

October 11th
The Stutzman family is fairly new to our ward, they were in it a few years ago for a short time. They bought a house that they have been remodeling and I offered my mad babysitting skills to help out all I could and now I have an amazing new friend. See how selfless service blesses us?! No, seriously, I feel like I have found an amazing lifetime friend in Yolawnda Stutzman. What's even better is that our kids get along really well and so do our husbands. I feel like they were made to be our friends!

So, our husbands were occupied elsewhere so we rented Speed Racer from the red box and popped some corn!

These two are the same age but Ethan gets along even better with Micah.

Her three girls to my one!

My 3 boys to her one!

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