Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The amazing Sister Brown

A new member of our ward throws a Halloween Carnival every year and her husband paints all these wonderful signs and games and it is really cool. The kids won lots of fun prizes and had a blast.

This was my favorite. Sister Brown used to tell kids fortunes at this booth. This year it was closed, check out the white sign in the back...Closed-recently baptised LDS!

Our very good friends the Stutzmans went on a date to celebrate Jason's birthday so we took their 4 kids and our 4 kids to the carnival. The babies don't have their costumes on yet, Peyton was super girl and Savannah was a pumpkin. Thanks Browns!


jennifer said...

the artwork on those booths is amazing. they sound like fun people - how cool of them to open their house to a bunch of kids!

Grandmother Fairy said...

Darling pictures Kelli...can't believe how big the kids are getting...I must be getting older faster than I thought:)