Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trunk or Treat and Nana's house

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and a pirate get Candy from Witch Allison Mckinney.

These boys always have the best costumes. Last year 2 of them were completely wrapped in duct tape except their heads and hands (wonder how they peed), this year they went dumpster diving to get their costumes.

Nana Paula's house!

Trick or treating Nana's neighborhood a bit.

Peyton was still pretty sick, so she didn't even wear her costume which was a bit too warm. However, she had lots of fun emptying Micah's candy bag and playing with all the candy. It was fun to watch her as she purposfully and dutifully shoved his candy under the couch.

Pooped out. I learned later that Jacob had 3 pieces of candy all night and Micah had none! Those silly boys, I think that when I was little a ate about a third of my candy that night!

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Bryan and Helga said...

only about a month and then we get to hug all of you!!! We miss you like crazy! It looks like you guys had a blast for halloween!
When I need to go dumpster diving I am inviting all of you! Those costumes are great!! :)