Friday, August 28, 2009

Ben's 4 year old Stats

I know this is late, Ben turned 4 in June, but I have seen many of you do this on your blogs and have wanted to for my children. When the boys saw the one for Peyton they wanted theirs done too, so here we go. Micah and Jacob will follow in November!
Benjamin at 4 yrs.

Ben's 4 yr old Stats.
3ft. 5 1/8 in.
36 lbs.
Favorite Color: Blue and Green
Favorite Food: Waffles, Pancakes, Cookies, Cereal, Fruit Snacks, Apples, Pies, Fish and
Tomato (not sure if this is true)
Ben loves playing games, all games, card, board, video. He loves to stay up late and sleep in. Ben hates to wear shoes and goes without them whenever he can, or whenever he can get away with it. He is an excellent swimmer and started swimming the summer he turned 2, all by himself. He is fearless. Ben is stubborn and is also very sensitive to yelling and "mean talking" these two traits are difficut together! Ben is a very sweet and loving boy and is easy to get along with and makes friends easily. He is my buddy and likes to have someone by his side at all times. We love you Ben!


Janelle Ehat said...

That first picture of him is AMAZING!!! Holy SMOKES!! What a handsome little boy and what GREAT photography! I LOVE the lighting! WOW! That's inspiring and sweet and just plain COOL!

Jill said...

Beautiful boy. My 3rd son also "liked to have someone by his side at all times."

Krissy said...

He is adorable. My little boy, Brady turned 4 in June also.

Robin said...

I can attest that Ben is sweet !! And smart beyond his years !!! And can color really well !! And I miss him !! I love me some Ben !!

Becca said...

Oh he's adorable!!!! He is such a sweet heart!! Thanks for sharing these pictures are amazing!! Love you guys!