Friday, August 7, 2009

From Utah to Pismo

We drove straight from Becca and LeGrand's house to our hotel in Grover Beach on July 16. The kids were great yet again on our almost 12 hour drive. We will definately need to visit Utah more often. That night we ate at A.J. Spurs. It was an awesome resturant. The decor was amazing, animal heads and full body stuffed Buffalo and mountain goat, there were wild boar heads and all kinds of crazy things. The food was amazing, Tyler and I both got Filet Mignon (my favorite) mine was medium rare and Ty's was Medium (what a wussy) and it was bacon wrapped. Yum. They brought us rootbeer floats for dessert, the kids loved that.
The next day we headed to the beach pretty early. We took a walk on the pier and watched the surfers for a while. I had to include this picture of P. She is a pretty big nose picker, well, not so much picks, but she likes her finger up there.
The day was very overcast and the water wasn't too cold, we all got pretty burnt, even my legs, which never happens. The kids faces were ok since I did have the smarts enough to sunscreen them.

Jacob made me laugh, he is always finding stuff and he got this huge thing of seaweed and drug it all the way down the beach to where we were, passersby couldn't help but step on and pop it. Jacob also found lots of dead crabs to bring to our sand castle, which the flies loved, thanks Jake.

I love making sand castles, so the kids humored me on this and Ty helped with the mote, there is even a little pool. The castle is much smaller than I imagined but it's nice, plenty big for our shrunken family to live in. The boys wanted to watch the tide come in and destroy it but we didn't stick around long enough.
Had to get one of us, I'm trying to get us in a few pictures here and there so my kids know that we were with them!
The boys have been into Indiana Jones lately because of the video game and they found these seaweed whips and had a great time whipping them.
I told them to be careful or they would whip themselves. Jacob got his shoulder pretty good, there was a red welt for a few days.
Miss P loved the sand, she also brought me a bee that she had cupped in her hand, it must have been missing it's stinger because it chose not to sting her! She was so fun to watch.
She loves shoes and if there are any around she'll help herself, especially if they're flip flops.


Bryan and Helga said...

That looks so fun!! :) When we come and visit in the next little while.... (yes it's true it's almost a sure thing we should be coming to visit for Labor day weekend so don't make any plans unless there with us. :)... so when we come we should all go to the beach again! We would love that! :) we miss and love you guys! xoxo

Jill said...

That is so funny, but so true, that you need to be in the pictures so your kids will know you were with them!

Luna said...

Boy, I'm glad that bee was so kind to Miss P.