Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh my sweet

If you didn't already notice I have been having major problems with my blog. I am no longer, thank you to my sweet husband Tyler. I have spent too long trying to fix it and I just got a call from him a few minutes ago and he told me to check our blog, it is all fixed! I had to save my Utah trip post as a draft to get my sidebar stuff back where it goes, so I'll have to do another post for that trip, which is fine, I wasn't done posting it all anyway. So, for some reason that post was the problem, or the way I posted it was anyway.

So, times being what they are, and money being abnormally tight, Tyler and I decided that this year for my birthday (which is tomorrow) we will make it more service oriented. He kicked it off a few nights ago and made dinner when I didn't feel like making it. We had lil smokie stir fry, what a creation...I think he has a bit of his dad in him. I love whatever food I don't have to cook! Ty was so cute when he called, he knew the whole blog thing was really bugging me and wanted to get it working before my birthday, and he did it. THANK YOU TYLER, I LOVE YOU! Next gift me and the boys clean up their disaster of a room.

This is him, as a fountain. I don't really have any recent and normal pictures of him. It was either this one or the one of him shaking his face.


Becca said...

Oh, I'm glad you got it all working...I was going to call you and try to help...sorry I'm slow, but I'm glad Tyler is on the ball. I hope you have wonderful Birthday tomarrow!! I love you tons Kelly!! You are amazing!

Robin said...

Way to go Tyler !!! GLad you're back Kelly !!!