Friday, August 14, 2009

Into the swing

What a day today was. We got so much accomplished that I feel wonderful! Tyler and Morgan and I went through all the boys clothes and did all the various sorting. Pile for Dara's kids, Micah's clothes that shift to Jake and Jake's that shift to Ben and Jake's that get put away for Ben next year and stuff that gets tossed and stuff that gets donated...after that Tyler and I did the shoes and the toys. What a job! Tyler and I then took the boys to Target to conservatively restock for the upcoming school year. We did better than I thought and we are now ready for school to begin!!!
Tonight Tyler suggested a little family walk before putting the kids to bed, so we all went for a walk, Morgan and the dogs too. Our walk ended up turning into a bike/scooter ride around the neighborhood until after 10pm! It was so nice, the weather was perfect, not typical for mid August. When we got back and were putting the bikes into the garage we decided to start cleaning up the garage and got a bunch of stuff put up into the attic. I haven't had such a productive day in a long time, and it isn't even Saturday yet! Those furlough days do seem to come in handy, now, if we could only have them and the money too!

This was a picture from Morgan's shower I wanted to include. Aunt Marcia bought Peyton a dress that someone made. Super cute and simple, it even had a matching hair bow.
Grandma Kay bought Peyton a Madeline doll house from the Goodwill for $4! I looked online and it goes for $150!!! Now we just need to collect some doll house furniture for it. Ben and Peyton still had fun playing with it.

August 3rd, Peyton put her brother's cowboy hat on and I thought she was too cute. She looks like a little cowgirl to me.

She also got into her basket of shoes that she has outgrown and insisted on wearing some. She has quite the shoe fetish. Below she is saying and signing hat.


Scrapally said...

I am very impressed! you go girl! now what are you going to do today?

Robin said...

Thank you for sharing a normal day with me. It truly is nice to know someone has those kind of days !! Kiss Ben for me I really miss my little class !!! :(

Melissa said...

Peyton is cute as always, but way to go on all the cleaning out of clothes. Tuesday I have my ultrasound and hopefully we will find out what the baby is - then we will be doing all the same cleaning out and donating. David is very excited to get rid of all the boxes!