Friday, June 25, 2010

Perfect Attendance and Personal Responsibility

By some strange fluke neither Micah nor Jacob got sick this year, so we went with it and didn't let them miss a day to go to Father's and Son's early. They were both awarded with perfect attendance and received a cool medal. Jacob also recieved the Personal Responsibility award. I had never heard of it, but it's apparently quite an honor. Tyler and I are both so proud of our boys and how well they have done in school. I know I nag them a lot and sometimes feel very frusterated with them, but when I really think about it, these kids are good and smart and responsible. Thank you boys, keep up the good work! I love you.

This is Jake with his Personal Resposibility award

Perfect Attendance. I'm really very proud of both the kids and myself for this one. It was a combined effort, and honestly, something I never even got close to.

We had more than half an hour between lower and upper grade awards so the little ones (mine, Margaret McCauley's and Alicia McFarland's) had fun running around the cafeteria and enjoying bags of snack mix kindly donated by the cafeteria lady. I have to say, when Peyt wears her hair in piggy buns, I love her even more.

Micah with his Perfect Attendance, the kid to the right is his buddy Colton.


Melissa said...

Wow perfect attendence is so hard to get. What a great blessing that your kids stayed healthy all year long. We never seem to make it. Somebody always gets sick and passes it to everyone else. Just one of the joys of a large family.

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