Friday, June 18, 2010

The Family Camping trip that wasn't

Every year the boys look forward to Fathers and Sons and I look forward to girls night with my daughter, mom and sister. This year however, the ball got dropped and Fathers and Sons, which is usually Mother's Day weekend, or very close to it, fell into the same weekend as our Family Camping trip that had been planned and on our calendar for many months. So, the boys went to Fathers and Sons and Peyton and I went to Soda Springs with my family.

Diego sat on Peyton's lap almost the entire way, she loved it.

She is the cutest little camper ever.
Well, Dustin is pretty darn cute too! He loved the fire, his mommy did her best to set up barriers, which he climbed.

Morgan found a very pretty adult king snake with the same coloring as her baby at home. It bit her and musked her but she stunk herself back to camp so we could get some pictures of it.

Peyton slept well, I watched her many times during the night. I was cold, the ground was hard, and I didn't leave enough room too stretch my legs out. What happened to the days when I could sleep anywhere, anytime and in any position?
While Larry, Lindsay and Morgan were fishing, My Mom, Dustin, Peyton and I hung out at camp and my Mom and I had a good conversation about "the old days" and my dad. It wasn't girls weekend by any means but it was good.

Morgan, me and the kids had some fun playtime and nap time in the tent. What was so not comfortable the night before was feeling surprisingly good!

Peyton, my little nature girl, found a really cool frog on the window of our tent.

Diego had some nap time too.

All the specks you see in this picture are ladybugs, billions of them. They were everywhere, EVERYWHERE. It was awesome.
Whats camping without getting dirty?


Kirsten said...

What a fun trip!!! I am sorry you had to miss your family campout but it's great that you guys keep up fun traditions!! You guys are brave with all the snakes, ladybugs and frogs!!!! ;-D

Bryan and Helga said...

I'm glad the specks weren't flys or mosquitos!! Ladybugs, how fun! :) It sounds like you guys had a fun camping trip! I hope the guys had as much fun at their fathers and sons thingy, lets be honest though... how much fun can they really have with out the girls?! :)

Peyton is getting so big! You are looking fabulous!!! As far as little Dustin goes... I can not believe that is him! Wow! He's still supposed to be a new born... what are you doing Morgan? Keep him little :) jk.

We sure miss you guys! Love you tons and tons! xoxo

Melissa said...

That looks like you had a fun time even without the guys, and I bet your tent stayed cleaner too!

Luna said...

Peyton is so cute. What a great little camper!

The Smith Family said...

Cutie little Peyton, wow she's getting big! Looks like a fun camping trip, even if everyone didn't come. And those ladybugs, wow, that's nuts!

Jill said...

Did I read that right....Morgan got bit by the snake?? You said that so casually that I kept reading it over and over again.

I remember how much you and Peyton loved girls night last year!