Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh my word, just a little bit fat, ok.

So, Ben is turning 5 tomorrow, June 3rd. I can't believe it. He is starting Kindergarten this fall! He is my sweetheart, my nearly constant companion. This boy does not do "self-entertaining" He loves games still, all kinds of games. Today it was chess, I hate chess, but I love Benjamin. He is always talking and always saying funny stuff.
I have been really trying to lose weight and I've been doing Jillian Michaels 6 days a week (workout video). I switched to doing it at night to help me lose weight. Well tonight I actually did it in my sports bra and shorts because it was so stinking hot. After I finish Ben looks at me and says, "Why do you look a little bit fat?" I guess he saw my look of death, or maybe he heard the gasps escaping from the mouths of his brothers, but he emphasized, "a little bit fat." Oh boy, I was thinking, "Hmm, I don't know why I only look a little bit fat because I'm much more than a little bit fat." Or, "Maybe I look a little bit fat because I carried 4 babies that were big and stretched my skin way out and you were the biggest of my babies weighing in at 10 pounds Ben!" No, really, Ben is a sweetheart and never means to hurt feelings, he's just an honest kid. He speaks the truth. I am a little bit fat, and it is just a little bit, it's ok. I have 4 beautiful children to show for my fat and stretch marks. They're worth every bit of it!
On another note, Last week when Ty was in LA for work he stayed at a nice hotel and brought home some Bath and Body Works Orange and Ginger bath stuff. I thought there were 2 conditioners and one shampoo so I put them all in the shower. Tonight when I was in there and I picked up one to make sure it was the shampoo, and it was the lotion...LOTION?! Yep, that's what it said, and it was half full. I lotioned my hair last night. I thought it felt a little different than most conditioner.

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet Benji!


BZmommy said...

Oh my. Kids say the darndest things! I can't tell you how many comments my kids have made about my less than flat belly! I've been asked why I still had a big baby in my tummy after Logan was born, I've been asked how come my neighbors belly got small after she had her baby but mine was still big and Nathan was almost one. I've been asked why I still eat chocolate and brownies when I know that they make me fat because my belly is fat enough as it is and I shouldn't want to make it fatter... yes, the list goes on and on! You are beautiful Kelly! And you are right, they are worth every stretch mark and extra pound aren't they?! Otherwise why would we keep doing it to ourselves?!

The Smith Family said...

Are you doing the Shred? I need to break that back out, those were good workouts. I get the "fat" comments from my boys too. I think the latest one was to the effect of "Do you have another baby in your tummy because your tummy is so big?" Thanks boys. So, you aren't alone in the rude comments received. Good job with the exercise though, every little bit helps!:)

Luna said...

At least these are little kids. I had an unexpected visit at my home from a YW and her mother (who happens to be my VT) As they were leaving the YW (age 14) gave me a hug and said "I love giving you hugs cuz you are so soft" and she did not mean my skin!

Zanny said...

I thought you looked beautiful when I saw you last month!!!

Kelly said...

you crack me up. I loved the lotion in the hair thing. HAHAH!