Monday, January 31, 2011


We waited at Mom and Dad's door for the countdown. Every Christmas morning the kids pile in our bed, read scriptures, say a prayer and then line up at the door. Peyton was still asleep. We countdown and then...
they run out while Mom takes pictures and Dad videotapes.
We do gifts one at a time so it doesn't go too quickly and we all get to see what each other gets. Santa brought each of the boys a stocking this year and a Harry Potter Lego set.
Micah was so excited to get the quidditch set that he literally jumped up and down.
Ben got The Burrow! It is pretty cool.
Peyton got colored bandaids and Dora bandaids in her stocking and she was very happy about that, she likes bandaids.
We also had a little meltdown about something I can't even remember.
We had breakfast burritos, another tradition for Christmas morning. So yummy.
Mmmmm. We even busted out the white flour tortillas.
Santa found Peyton a kitchen (which she still plays with EVERY day) for a VERY good price. She wanted to play with it immediately. We scaled down a lot this Christmas and I was afraid the kids would be disappointed. The things we did get were all great things though and the kids didn't even notice that there weren't very many. They said it was the best Christmas ever, so were doing it this way every year!
Dad got it together pretty quickly, he loves assembly.

Dad bought the boys fishing poles, he gets them something from him every year, we also got them rollerblades (they've been rollerblading often with Hannah and Tanner down the street).
We got Peyton a stroller for her twin babies, aren't they cute?
Nana and Papa bought each of the boys new sweaters and star wars ships and Peyton got a shopping cart (perfect to go with her kitchen and with her play food from Aunt Lindsay).
We felt very blessed this Christmas and enjoyed less stuff and more family time and Christmas centered activities. This is not my last WE post, but we're getting close!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, my heart is sad and heavy tonight and I'm hoping that posting happy memories will help. I wish I could just blog it all out and get some wonderful advice and support but I recognize that this is definately not the place! So, please enjoy a few more holiday traditions of ours. Next to the Nativity, thease are some of my favorite.

We (rather, the kids) opened our Christmas Eve gifts. Yes, we open one every Christmas Eve. The kids have learned not to ask if they can pick which one. Mom and Dad pick, and it's always new jammies. In recent years it is always new, homemade jammies. This year I included an extra something special.
Peyton got matching jammies for her twin babies. This was a fun project as it was my very 1st (and 2nd) zipper, ever. I have been so scared to sew a zipper because I heard it was so hard. It really wasn't. I did have to take my zipper foot off and use another foot though. For some reason the zipper foot didn't hold the fabric down very well.
I had her stand up so you can see them better. I was just going to make her pants but found I had enough material if I was creative in laying out the pattern and making it a short sleeved shirt.
Micah's pajamas are the same as his brothers but are trimmed with black (from an old maternity shirt of mine). He was already in bed when I got them together for a picture. The boys extras were pillow cases I made using the scraps. Peyton wanted to know where her pillow case was. Note to self, next year make them all pillow cases!
Ben sprinkled reindeer food with glitter in it on the lawn to help attract Santa's team. He made it at school.
Not sure why the picture is turned this way, but this is the note that was with the reindeer food.
Many years ago I found this plate and cup at the dollar store. Milk and cookies for Santa it says. I love it, one of the best dollar store purchases ever. We also left carrots for the reindeer. They ate all the carrots but left the oats and glitter, hmm. Another funny thing, the kids have gotten used to Santa leaving a little of the treats behind and they finish them in the morning, you know, like half eaten cookies. I didn't realize what a tradition this had become until I heard their complaints in the morning when they had seen that Santa ate all of the cookies we left him! I guess it's my fault, we usually leave him a lot more on his plate than we did this year, I guess he just didn't get his fill this time.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Blog got a makeover!

I made a new blog header with some of the pictures my sister in law Helga took. I can't wait to print and frame them. Tell me what you think. A BIG thank you to Helga, you are an awesome sis in law and photographer.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


We went to Christmas Tree Lane and acted out the Nativity. I loved Susan's comment on my last post about traditions being like family super glue. I have never thought of them that way before but it's so true!
Papa Ron rode with us in our car and Nana Byn Rode with Bryan and Helga in theirs.
I got to sit by my sweetie.
My sweet Bro. in law Brent (single if anyone is interested) I had to get a picture with him since we were matching in black and white, all the way down to our shoes!
The Nativity was extra special this year as it was the first year we had only kids (mostly) fill the roles. Daddy was the donkey, taking over Papa's usual place. Micah as Joseph and Miss P as Mary.
I love this picture with a side view of Mary's tummy. She's carrying a bit high I guess.
The Shepherd's were sore afraid, well, Essien looks like a munckin a little.
I was amazed at how well all the kids stayed in their roles, especially Peyton. I have never seen her so reverent. She clearly felt the Spirit that evening.
My niece Makyla is seriously the cutest little girl next to my own daughter (I have to think that). She is cute in looks yes, but her personality and demeanor are SO sweet. She got the spirit of giving that night and wanted to give the Shepherd's a few little gifts.
Nana Byn always is the narrator. She is not one to easily cry or tear up, but she did. It really was the best acting out of the Nativity that we've had yet.
I'm grateful for the birth of the Savior and the little moments like these that we have to really reflect on the meaning of Christmas.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We...had another child start Cub Scouts and we decorated Sugar Cookie Cutouts!

Jacob is now a Cub Scout.

My Cub Scouts, Micah and Jacob.
Homemade sugar cookies are a yearly tradition here in the Laing house, a tradition that was started by my mom when I was a kid, maybe even earlier than that. Ben likes sprinkles, lots of sprinkles.

Peyton likes sprinkles too!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We went to Lowe's Build and Grow clinic again, and on the morning of Jacob's baptism! What a busy day. Later that night was our Ward Christmas Party too. I didn't get pictures of that but it was amazing. The theme was, "A Night in Bethlehem." The church was completely transformed into a marketplace and lots of people were in costumes and there was wonderful bread and a few activities for the kids including writing you name in Hebrew. There was also a tour that took you to several different rooms to see the story of Christ's birth unfold in song and action, really cool.

I think he was crying because he got hurt. Poor Ben.
By the way, white tights and the floor of Lowe's don't mix. I had to take her tights off for the baptism they were so bad.
We made it to the baptism and in plenty of time. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. It was a nice baptism, 4 kids all together.
Tyler and Jacob
The family, some of them anyway, and the lady on the far right is Grandma Kay, I am still amazed that she is still with us after what she went through.

I was happy to read Grandma Honey's comment, it's nice to know someone is looking forward to pictures of mine! They will get posted too, I promise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We...Went to Zoo lights! It was fun. There were more lights than I thought there would be. I am very happy with the improvements our zoo has made and continues to make. I am excited for the upcoming changes too! Anyway, we didn't really see any animals aside from the reptiles, which, by the way, the new exhibits are AWESOME, go to the reptile house if you haven't seen the changes there yet.
Santa was at the zoo too, one of his helpers was anyhow. I had one of the boys get a picture of me and Tyler because I am trying to make a point of getting more than just pictures of my kids!
Last, but definately not least, this is my baby Peyton, my baby! She's 3 today! We have had an incredibly fun day. We went to the Dollar Tree together to get a few things for her "tea party" that we had this afternoon. We went through the drive-thru at McDonald's and got her a sausage McMuffin and hashbrown (which she ate ALL of). Peyt accompanied me to my eye appt. where she asked a bazillion questions and I got a new rx. My left eye has worsened, but only slightly. We came home, I made sandwiches for the party, we had a little party with just about all of her little friends and their mommies. I will post pictures of that later, including her awesome teapot cake and tea cupcakes. Tonight after dinner I took her to the library to pick out a few shows and then to TOYS R' US. It's a birthday tradition in our family and Tyler always takes the boys and I got to take my girl this year, her first time for this tradition. We are part of Geoffery's Birthday Club. He calls on the kids birthday's to wish them a happy birthday, and he sends them a card in the mail with a $3 off card. We take the birthday child on or near their birthday and let them pick out a gift, usually something around 10 or 15 dollars. Peyton found a carseat/babycarrier for her dolls, it was $20. What can I say, I caved. I like girl stuff.

This is her at Zoo Lights with her hot chocolate that the kids said tasted like hot water. She is a ton of fun and full of personality. She reminds us a lot of Micah, I'll leave it at that. She knows what she wants, she sings, all the time, she loves baby dolls, barbies, clothes, shoes, cheese, animals and Dora the Explorer and Diego. Her favorite color is purple but she likes pink and red as well. She likes alone time, she goes in her room and closes the door, when her door is shut, that means she is playing happily on her own. If you go in to check on her she yells, "Close the door!" I love this girl and I'm thrilled that she is part of our family. Last night when I got home from a friends house I found her and Ben sleeping all cuddled up in her bed. Tyler fell asleep before the two of them went to bed. Ben had been playing with her in her room and he went to bed, Peyton cried for him and "made" him lay with her. It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, I got a picture, I'll post that soon too. I'm happy right now, really happy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We... were so busy in December! Has anyone wondered where I've been? Well, we did our best to make this a Christmas full of wonderful memories and keep it extra low cost. I would have started playing catch-up sooner but my camera has been missing since December 30th! Tyler found it this morning! If you want to find out where you'll have to keep reading all of my "We..." series of posts!
Has anyone heard of Lowe's Build and Grow clinics for kids? They are awesome, and free, 100% FREE (unless you feel like you need to shop afterward!) Well, we just started taking our kids in December, I've been wanting to do them for a long time and now we can't stop. 3 Saturdays in December we made a different part to a train, first the caboose, then a passenger car and last, the engine. 12/3
The kids really like building, Peyton only likes the hammering part! They each got a free apron and goggles and everytime they make a project they earn a patch for their aprons, so cool.
12/4 To keep gift costs down we did some more crafting for gifts. Micah made a few hats on the knifty knitter (he wanted to make one for himself but made it too small and it went to Dustin) and I made about 20! A while back I learned how to crochet a flower on you tube and added flowers to the girl hats, so cute!

12/4 We made it to the Parade in downtown Clovis this year!