Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out of the Loop!

Ok, so after Tyler bought me another power cord I lost our camera! Yeah, can you believe that one? So, after checking the counter I thought I had put it on countless times I found it. I guess the camera must have some sort of cloaking device, I don't know. So, I really am back now and so incredibly behind, so I'll try to blog everyday or two to get caught up and I'll also try only to pick the pictures and events that are most important to me!

On November 4th Micah turned 8. He has gotten so tall and looks like such a big kid now. Micah says in about 4 years he'll be taller than me, he's probably right. He's doing very well in school and is a very unique individual with very distinct characteristics. He is the best brother I have ever known of too. On November 7th Micah got to have a friends party. We did crafts, had pizza and played some games. He really wanted me to make him a castle cake that looked like Hogwarts. I did my best. His friend Ethan got him some toys and he and Jacob and Micah used them to decorate the cake. They had lots of fun and did a really great job.

Some of Micah's friends, and Uncle Brent in the background at the piano. It was a dress up party.


jennifer said...

that cake is awesome. the black outline totally makes it. you are such a good mama to make these things for your kids - i'll never be brave enough to try it on my own.

Scrapally said...

Wow...what an awesome cake! You did great! It brings back memories of when I made cakes for my kids...but they never turned out THAT good! Keep blogging...we've missed you!

Becca said...

Soooo cute!! I love the cake!!!It turned out AWESOME!!! What a fun party!! Yeah for 8 years old!! That's hard to believe!!

Bryan and Helga said...

Oh my heavens that is an amazing cake! You are talented! I am glad you are back up and running with blogging... I am excited for all of the up dates!

We are excited to see you guys! SO EXCITED! I was so happy when they told us our baby is a girl. I thought of you and Peyton, this means we are going to have to get together more! :) That will be fun to go through the cute girls stuff! We are excited! That is so sweet of you! Thanks!!!!
We will stay tuned for more updates! love you tons!

Bryan and Helga said...

ps... we are so excited to me there for Micah's baptism!!! :)