Friday, December 5, 2008

Tubbing and deodorant

Ok, so I know I am the Queen of Bathtime pictures. My kids are always really happy in the bath and so cute, I also love clean kids, so, I guess that's why all the tub pics. My oldest 2 always complain about bath or shower time, but once I get them in I can hardly get them out! Ben is always ready for a bath, and this morning when I was getting Peyton's bath ready I think she knew it and when I carried her away from the tub to get her towel she started screaming like she was no longer going to get a bath!

I'm so glad our huge tub gets used, even if it isn't by me!
My boys always like to put on mommy's or daddy's deodorant.

I thought it was so cute that Jacob was helping Ben with his application, what a good brother!


Janelle Ehat said...

So stinking cute Kelly! I love it! And to answer your question, the clothes came first, and the matching blog background and matching Christmas Card came later!

Becca said...

Oh they are adorable!! So fun!! We are excited to see and be with you guys after Christmas! Love you!

Kirsten said...

Look how cute they are! I love how they all do such a good job of taking care of each other. You've got them on the right path with them already have great hygiene!! ;-) Girls will LOVE that!

Luna said...

my kids want Deodorant too! I think it is so funny!