Monday, February 9, 2009

Another hand me down and the park

You liked my sweater on Miss P, here are my sleepers on her, pretty good shape after 30 years huh?
January 24, 2009
January 29, 2009

Park time on a warm, sunny day.


sanders six said...

hi! so fun to find your family! my name is michelle - served with tyler in portugal....he will know me as both "sister baca" and "sismichelle" :) if you could give him my email address (, i would love to catch up :)

what a fun family you have! so happy to know that you are all happy :)

be true... CTR - michelle :)

Krissy said...

I love the p.j's. That's so great that your mom saved your old clothes.

Robin said...

I love the sleeper picture of
"Miss P" she is so cute in what ever she wears !! Now the question is are you saving clothes for her children?? And the pictures at the park are cute too !!!

Whittaker Woman said...

that really is amazing! I want some clothes, well no... my mom did give me one thing and it was hideous! Ha. Yours are at least cute! H

Melissa said...

Peyton looks cute as usual. I loved the warm weather! It was pefect for the park but we missed it because all my kids were sick. Now that we are all well, do you think the warm weather will come back?

Wynn Family said...

Why don't you live closer and you could have all my girl clothes. Alexis was the only one to wear them and they are all in really good shape!! But I do LOVE the Minnie sleeper!! She's a doll! Great charming smile!!