Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey Kendra, how about a potluck???

No, but really, we invited many couples to our home for a potluck dinner a few Friday nights ago. It was an adult only potluck and I think that is why it worked so well with so many people. My very sweet friend Kendra arranged the date and made all the phone calls, THANK YOU! So, all I really had to do was allow people to come over and provide a place for everyone (thanks Sandy for loaning a few extra tables and for helping set up). In all there were over 20 people at our house! At least that many more were invited and unable to come, probably a good thing, but I'd love to do it again and have everyone else over. After we had our fill of wonderful food we played some fun games and I think we all got to know everyone a little better!

I love candid shots.

"I don't remember eating corn."

Kendra likes being in photographes.

This is Laawna standing in for me with Tyler.


April said...

So much fun! Loved it and we have to do it again! Thanks...p.s. nice pics of jake and I...oh dear!!!

Stefanie said...

Oh I see how it is....don't come VT ya' for a few months(give or take:^) ) and we get the cold shoulder. That's okay. I get it! Were not good enough (He, He) J/K. Looks like you had a good time. TTYL.

Kirsten said...

It looks like you guys have been up to some fun! ;-) Isn't still do group dates and have adult conversation!?!? I bet it was a fun evening for you guys!

P.S. Your hair looks so cute in the post below!

Nicole Saunders said...

That was way fun!! (but for the love, use the red-eye feature on your camera!)