Saturday, February 14, 2009

Night out and my little slaves

We went out for Valentine's Day last night for dinner at the Daily Grill where we shared a fantastic Filet Mignon and Broiled Salmon. It was a wonderful meal! I love fine food. After that Ty humored me and we went and saw Twilight at the $3 theater. It was my 3rd time seeing it and I still loved it. Tyler didn't hate it, which is saying a lot! If you know him at all, you know how he is about movies and tv shows. We got home at 10 and relieved our sitter (thanks Aunt Mo!) and continued to have a wonderful evening at home with kids tucked in bed soundly sleeping. Happy Valentine's Day!
My boys have really been wanting to earn an allowance and we have made it clear to them that they are not to be payed for things that are expected of them. So today I began their first training session, in my bathroom, just the sinks, mirror and counters. They did a fantastic job, I can't wait to teach them more!

I made them take their shirts off so the comet didn't bleach them. Yes that's me in the back in the pink robe, glad I remembered to put that on!


Robin said...

Can I borrow the slaves ?? lol I have a few rooms that could use some sprucing up !!!

jennifer said...

love that picture of you and tyler. you guys are too cute!

and wow! i think it's great that you are training the kids to clean the bathroom - and that they get to stand on the counters while they clean. they must think that is awesome!

Melissa said...

Wow you're brave. I tried to teach the kids how to clean the windows and mirrors and ended up with windex everywhere and a lot of soaked blue paper towels - just dripping all over. I'd be worried to see what they would do with comet! I'm glad that it is working for you.

kelly said...

Well, it probably helped that the Windex was low, but they did do just as they were instructed, and I actually made them stand on the counter so they could reach the top, of course the counter was cleaned last! I think they liked standing on it though.

Grandmotherfairy said...

Good job Kelly...teach them while they are young...the only problem is... you go through withdrawals when they grow up and move away and you have to do it all by yourself again!!!!