Thursday, April 17, 2008

I guess I'm potty training Ben

April 15, 2008

Benjamin woke up with a dry diaper, I think for the first time ever. I thought, "If I put another diaper on him he's just going to pee in it right away. He usually always wakes up with a very full diaper, oftentimes also with a wet bed and wet jammies because he pees so much during the night. So, I just had an idea, I said, "Ben, let's go pee pee in the toilet. So I quickly pulled out the little potty seat and plopped it on the toilet and no sooner than Ben sat down did he go pee pee! I took him to the toilet several times that day and had him pee. I left his diaper or a pull up on him that I had saved from Jacob, and he did pee in that once, and when it came time for pooping, he started to go in his diaper and stopped. He told me that he wanted to poop in the toilet, but I said it was too late once he had gone in his diaper. I went to clean him up and saw that there wasn't very much poop, he was also still telling me he wanted to poop in the toilet. So, I put him on the toilet and he finished in it! Yay Ben! So, that's why I say I guess I am potty training Ben. I was going to wait another month or so, but I guess he's ready. I was gone all day Saturday, so daddy was in charge. He took him pee once, but the rest was all in a diaper or a pull up. He is not yet to the stage of telling me when he has to go, he is still learning what it feels like to need to potty, but I can tell he is learning and telling me is just around the corner! After this it will just be Peyton, and from what I hear, girls are a lot easier to potty train, please don't tell me otherwise, I hate potty training!

Ben's first pee pee on the toilet!

This is the cheering on that Ben received when he got back into their bedroom!

Reading a new book everytime he sits on the toilet. Even to pee he wants a book!

"Mommy, I went poo poo!"


Kristie said...

That is sooo awesome! I HATE potty training!! What a good boy!!!

Luna said...

That is great! How exciting. It sounds like it will be pretty easy for him. Maybe it is because you are almost a professional Potty Trainer now! HAHA!

I am not going to tell you that Girls are easier or harder, but if you have any secrets on how you have gotten it to work so far, I would LOVE to hear them.

kelly said...

Thanks for your confidence in me Luna. Unfortunately they are all so different. We have since taken a break from the training and I broke down and sent Tyler to the store for more diapers, he just lost interest. Tonight at T-ball he pooped in his diaper and came to me wanting to go in the toilet, um, sorry bud, too late!