Friday, April 11, 2008

Rodger Rockas

Ok, so I know that Tyler and I don't go on enough dates, but when we do, I always have so much fun! I love realizing over and over again that I love the man I married.

We got tickets for Rodger Rockas for Christmas from Tyler's parents. We got and asked for them the last few Christmas's because we always have such a great time there. We get a wonderful meal and a great show. Last time we went we saw the King and I and learned that hericots vert are just green beans and you say it "hair ih co vair" This time we saw "All Shook Up" a play based on Elvis's songs. It was very funny. Our table was right up front, literally pushed into a corner of the stage. At first we were worried that we might be too close, but it was really neat. At many points in the play we had actors right in front of us and to the left of us, I could have touched them, I could have maybe smelled their breath if I tried! We got brought into the play a few times too. There are a few parts where the main character, "Chad" Talks about how he's been with a lot of women and he smiled and motioned towards me and then gave Tyler a "sorry Man." kind of look. Another part this uptight mayor lady talks about how the troublemakers are always good looking guys and she looks at Tyler and smiles! How fun! Our dinner was great too, I had New York Steak and Tyler had catfish, they were both really good. If you look at Tylers picture you can see part of the set in the background. I can't wait to go again next year!

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