Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Micah's first piano lesson!

Micah and Jennifer

During his lesson

Micah has been begging to take piano lesons for the last few years and we finally got him going.

He was so excited all day long. My friend Jennifer ( who I've known since elementary

school) is teaching him in her home. She has an amazing backyard, well, 3 backyards really. She

lives in between her sister-in-law's family and her brother-in-law's family and there are no

fences seperating their yards. There is a pool in the middle and a huge wooden play structure

and lots of kids and toys to play with. Jacob and Ben had a blast playing everywhere while

Micah had his lesson and Micah had fun playing after his lesson while Jennifer and I visited. She

all but had to help me pry them away when it was time to go. Thank you Jennifer for giving him lessons and for your hospitality, I hope we never overstay our welcome! After his lesson on our drive home I asked him if he liked it and he said, "Yes, but I didn't learn to read music yet." All in good time honey! He is so good about practicing and when we missed practice due to a busy schedule he made sure to double up the next day. I wish I had had as much dedication as he does.

The boys playing on the playstructure.


Kristie said...

Hey! Jennifer is in my ward! Fun! And it's Fresno 7th - so you can look me up!! :-)

The Gage Cage said...

What a neat setup for the Ward siblings. How nice for you to not be in the way and not have to go home just to turn around and come back. I hope Micah likes piano for a long time so he can get super good.

jennifer said...

micah is really doing great. and you're right - it will take some good time before he can read music really well! i just love his enthusiasm. i didn't realize you took pictures in the backyard when you were here. that makes me laugh!

Becca said...

Micah good job on the piano lessons!! Brayden is taking them right now too and he loves it!! Keep practicing really good. I know your teacher Jennifer. She is really nice, you are one lucky boy!! Love, Aunt Becca

Luna said...

That is an awesome set-up for the yard. What a good idea. We always joke about having a family "commune" but that is actually a good idea!

Micah is getting to be such a big boy. All the kids are growing up so fast!