Tuesday, April 1, 2008

T-Ball begins

Hello Erin Heasley, you blog stalker!!! (That's the shout out for you)

Jacob had so much fun at t-ball and is so happy that daddy is coaching his team (one of the coaches). He told me that he was scared that it would be too hard but it wasn't, it was fun! Micah and Jacob also had fun, they sat with me and Peyton and watched a little and they played on the play structure and refilled our water at the drinking fountain. Jacob was also very happy that he got to be on the green team, that is his and Micah's favorite color

Ben and Micah having some snacks.
Peyton hanging out in her stroller.
Tyler and Jacob out on the field.
Waiting to bat.

Receiving their hats and shirts.

Jacob hitting off the T, they don't let them be pitched to for the first few weeks, he was ok with that though.
At first base!!!
The sun is setting, almost time to go...


Brock Heasley said...

Teeehheheh I love it!! It was so good to see you.. in person! And congrats on the tee ball accomplishment! --Erin Heasley---

RMCarter said...

Sounds/Looks like the perfect day!

Cassie said...

I can't wait until we get to go to games with the family.