Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Muddy Footprints

Since we have been relandscaping our front yard, there has been an abundance of mud. My boys, especially Ben, just can't manage to stay out of it. On my way to a little playdate I noticed these little muddy footprints of Ben's. I had to get a picture. They went all the way across the street! They must have been caked with mud. Tyler said they've been there for a while, I hope they last!

From left to right: Benjamin, Peyton, Joshua, Isabel and Noah. My friend Jennifer and I both had 3 boys, our 3rd boys were born exactly a week apart, Ben being 1 week older. We both decided to have one more about the same time and she got 2 more! Peyton is about a month older than the twins. So now Jennifer has 4 boys and a girl! Now she needs to have one more to even it out again, right?
This is Jennifer with her babies Joshua and Isabel. Her older boys are Gabriel, Elijah and Noah.
Ben is still having a hard time with naps. He doesn't usually take them anymore, but sometimes he gets so tired he just crashes. I guess our playdate wore him out! When he does nap he is up very late. It's a vicious cycle, because I have to get him up at 7 to get the boys off to school, so he's tired again from having gone too sleep so late and then he naps again!!!

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RMCarter said...

Oh my gosh, I used to sleep the same way! :) What a cutie!