Friday, April 25, 2008

My Mother

My mom with my Grandma Isabell on her wedding day.

Me with my mother on my wedding day.

With Mother's Day approaching I find myself thinking not so much about myself, as I am about my own mother. I am working on a project for her for Mother's Day and I requested this picture from her, it is one of my favorites of my mother. I know that this Mother's Day will be hard for her, just as the last two before were. My grandmother passed away in June of 2005, so, my next task is to find a great picture of my mom with her mom! (Found One!) If any of you know of a beautiful poem or quote relating to mothers, please pass it along! When I finish my little project I'll post it so you can see how it turned out.
Me and my sweet little baby girl.


Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

What sweet, beautiful pictures. I am excited to see what project you have come up with! I know your Mom will absolutely love it. You and Peyton look so similar to me as babies too! Happy early Mother's Day!

The Gage Cage said...

You're mom is beautiful! I LOVE the picture of you kissing Peyton! Good Luck with your project.

Stefanie said...

I' doing a picture thing too for my mom and my Mother in law. It's sad but I am more excited about my MIL gift. All her boys and Luke and Evan wore the same blessing outfit on their blessing day so I stole pics from her albums and made a collage of all her babies and another of all her grandbabies. I even added a pregnant pic of her with the first baby that was stillborn. Hope she will like it. I'll let you know how it goes!