Saturday, January 12, 2008

6 days, deep breath in, slowly release.

The last few days have been pretty interesting. I feel like I have been an emotional wreck. Whether it is the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I have to undergo my 4th major surgery soon, or both, I'm not sure. Yesterday morning when I was dropping Jacob off at school, I found an empty spot next to the curb (hard to do). I pulled into the empty spot behind a truck and Jacob was gathering his backpack and giving me a kiss goodbye (he's in kindergarten)when I hear frantic fingernail tapping at my window. I turn to the window and there is this woman with a very fake smile on her face. I roll the window down and she says, "Can you move your car up so I can get in, my car is sticking out in the roadway!" All the while she has this fake plastered smile and sugar coated voice, which is actually very rude. While Jacob was getting out the trunk in front of us pulled out. I told the lady, in a similar voice and with the same smile that I would be leaving very soon and could not pull up while my son was getting out of the vehicle. She said something about not seeing anyone getting out, that all she saw was me just sitting there, whatever. There are some really crazy, rude parents at the school during pick up and drop off times. So, as I'm driving away, I'm thinking, "What a rude, nutty lady, can you believe her?" Then, instead of being angry or surprised, I get really sad and start crying, really crying, pitiful. It has been that way for the last 2 days, I think I've cried about ten times in the last 2 days.

Tyler went to get some sprinkler parts for our ongoing frontyard renovation. He and Matt McCauley have been working on it off and on for the last few months, I think. They had to reroute the sprinklers to go with the new landscaping, which is not in yet. The front yard is and has been grassless for quite some time, and right now with the rain and the sprinkler project, it is a muddy mess. I must say though, it looks better a muddy mess than with bright yellow dead grass! So, my pupose in going into this is that I am waiting for him to finish that so we can get started on cleaning out the van. We were going to do that today anyway, but after last night we really need to. Micah spilled a whole thing of Sprite all over the floor. He picked it up by the top and the top pulled right of and every last drop splashed down out of the cup, lovely. We've had the van for almost 4 years now and it was our first spill, other than a little water, so I guess we're doing pretty good. We do not spoil our van, it is very "lived in" and we love it.

So, the house cleaning is still ongoing, I have the office (easy), living room (easy), kitchen (not as easy), and both bathrooms (my least favorite), left. I want to get those done by Tuesday evening. I also want to use my Christmas gift cert. for a mani/pedi and catch up on laundry! I think I can accomplish all of this as long as I can enlist Tyler for some help. Then I should have a day or 2 to relax and rest, or rest and dwell on the inevitable.

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Becca said...

It's cool that you can prepare and get everything ready. With us I never know, then Kolby decided to come 3 weeks early, we wern't even packed for the hospital at all... Oh well, I did try to get the house clean but anyway it didn't all get done. Well congrats again!! We love you guys!