Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Uncomfortable accomodations

Sorry Tyler! I wanted to post this picture but Tyler told me not too, oh well. Clovis Community Hospital used to have fairly decent arrangements for the dads to sleep while staying in the room with the moms. Unfortunately the couch/chair type things they had were cloth and they had to get rid of them and replace them with a plastic like chair. That I can understand, but the chairs they replaced them with are horrid! They recline, but not flat, or even like a recliner, they have this part in the middle that bumps up. Anyway, I felt so bad for Tyler the first two nights, he looked miserable and sounded awful too. He is not normally one who snores, but he was exhausted and in the worst position for sleeping. Both nights he snored so incredibly loud that I had to send him home our last night in the hospital so he could get a little sleep!

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Becca said...

Tyler, LeGrand feels your pain too. When Kolby was born they acutally rolled in a fold out bed, but it was sooo bad. LeGrand didn't sleep very well and neither did I because he snored too. Don't feel bad;)