Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swirlie cowlick, angel kiss and a stork bite.

My baby girl has the cutest cowlick on her right side just above her forhead. I'm sure that when she's older she'll hate it because it'll make her hair stick up, but for now it is the cutest thing ever! Much to Aunt Marcia's surprise, Peyton also has a red birthmark on her forhead between her eyes called an angel kiss and one on the back of her neck called a stork bite just like Aunt Marcia!

Saturday night I put a bow on Peyton for the first time and almost cried. I was just getting her stuff together for her first day at church and wanted to see if I could find a bow that fit het to go with her dress. She looked like such a girl!

I had to add these pictures just to illustrate that my little Benji is still just as adorable even now that Peyton is here. He will always be my baby boy!

All of her brothers absolutely love her. Friday or Saturday night Micah said that he loved Peyton even more than Christmas and a while later Jacob said Micah was right, Peyton is better than Christmas! Ben keeps asking to "pet him" and loves holding her too.


Becca said...

Kolby has a cowlick and and angel kiss too... How fun!! Love you guys!

Ohio Rasmussens said...

How cute!!! She looks so little compared to all those boys! Her boyfriends better watch out because she is going to have lots of protectors! I am glad you finally got a little girl to wear pink and bows, etc. She is adorable! Hope you are recovering and feeling well! I wish you guys lived closer too...if we somehow get to Fresno, I'll have to start working on Becca and LeGrand!