Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Down to single digits!

Yikes, only 9 days left. Oddly, it still doesn't feel real. I have never had this happen to me before, I just can't seem to grasp the fact that I am having another baby somehow. Yesterday I started on "the cleaning" I didn't want to leave too much for the very last week, but I didn't want to do everything so soon that it got dirty again. I will leave the bathrooms and our bedroom for last, so they are as fresh as they can be. I am also going to save those rooms for Tyler and I to do together, you know, so we can bond and strengthen our marriage ;) I am very proud of myself though, this time around we have an upright freezer in our garage and I made 5 dinners that are in there frozen, ready to go. Last night we had a HFPE (Home, Family and Personal Enrichment) night, and they planned the best thing for me at this time, freezer meals! We got to go and assemble freezer meals, only $1 per serving. I did orange chicken and chicken tetrazzini. When I was there I began to wish I had signed up for more, they had a few soups that looked great too, but Stacey Olsen, who was in charge told me that I wasn't supposed to know, but they were going to bring me some of the meals, woo hoo! She also gave me a whole unopened bag of chicken tenders that they had left over. So, I have been trying to focuse on getting prepared rather than dwelling on freaking out about another surgery, it has been working fairly well, but I'm sure that as the days become less numbered it will have much less of an effect.

I tried to upload video from our digital camera, it didn't work, so, if you know what my problem is, help me out!

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Luna said...

wish i could have a house half as clean as yours! You are my house cleaning role model!

I am so excied for Peyton Marie to arrive. I like the Marie sounds. Is there a Marie in your family? Maybe yler will ick it!