Wednesday, January 30, 2008

back to birthweight

Peyton had her first Dr's appt and her first shot on Monday. She is now back at her birthweight of 8 lbs. The Dr said that she reached this faster than most babies do, it usually takes them about 2-3 weeks according to him. It's funny to me because all 3 of her brothers were 12+ pounds by 2 weeks, they never lost any weight after birth and gained 2 pounds or more during the first two weeks. It sure is a change having a small baby. I love it though. Her clothes are still big on her!

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Becca said...

Yeah, More pictures!!! I love it all!!!! Wow, she is a doll!!! That first dr apt isn't always fun, but it's feels good to see that all is well! Isn't it fun dressing a girl up?!?!? Boys are fun to, but it's diffrent than girls. Your family is so cute and you guys are doing a good job. We love you guys!!