Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy...It's a girl!!!

Peyton Kathleen Laing
8lbs. 0oz.
20 in.
January 18th, 2008 7:45 am

This was one of the best birth experiences I have ever had. For those of you that don't know, I get really freaked out about having c-sections. I have now had 4 c-sections, which is quite a feat for someone that would not even pay attention to the c-section portion of her birthing class because she was NOT going to have one! Tyler gave me a wonderful blessing the night before, it was everything I wanted and needed to hear. Of course, I still slept horribly that night and decided at 3:30 to go ahead and get up and get ready. We were to check into the hospital at 5:30 am.
We made it right on time and got admitted and I got stripped down and into my hospital gown. Before my walk to the OR, my anesthesiologist, Dr. Le came in to talk to me and get my info. He was the same Dr. that did my last spinal and he was great. Very funny and kind hearted. I went to the OR, which of course is about 60 degrees, and this time they put warm blankets on me which was a nice touch. I had a nurse, Anna, with me who was very nice and she held my shoulders in place while I got the spinal. Dr. Le talked me through each step and I made it through without totally freaking out this time and it was not horrible. They layed me down on the operating table and I got my catheter and everyone was fluttering around me doing their jobs and I felt very comforted. My Dr came in very soon after that and brought Dr. Harris with him this time, wow, lucky me, 2 Dr's! Dr Harris was the Dr. that delivered my 2nd baby, Jacob. Anyway, Tyler came in just as they were getting underway and I'm sure he was relieved to see that I was ok. I kind of mentally checked out and went to my happy place where I said a few prayers of gratitude and asked again for some more blessings. When I decided to listen again I heard Dr. Harris say, "I think this is her uterus right here." Tyler also heard that, and I decided to go somewhere else again for a bit. The doctors had quite a time with my insides, Dr. Illingworth said it was even worse than last time. This time there was so much scar tissue that he couldn't even get my uterus out. He opted to leave it in and get the baby out and stitch it up inside of me rather than cut it out again and risk further complications. Once the baby was out Tyler said, "It's a girl!" There was still some doubt in my mind after having 3 boys. They brought her to my side so I could see her and she was all spread out like, "Here I am!"

She cried the whole time we were in the OR and it was a great sound to my ears, to know that she was finally here and she was alright. My Dr had a difficult time finding my tubes, in order to tie them, he found the right side eventually and saw the end of the left side through a dime sized hole and followed it down with the instrument, but he said he was unsure if he had gotten it, or a ligament. In 6 weeks I'll go and have an ex-ray to see if he was successful of not.
So, I got closed up and wheeled into recovery, where I actually got to be in the same room as my baby because the nursery was full. There were 29 moms that had given birth that day, which is a lot for our little hospital. My recovery and everything all went really well and we are so happy to be home with our family completed. The boys adore their sister and we are just so excited and happy to have a girl amongst us now (other than me!)! We are also in awe that she is so little, She can actuallt wear newborn diapers and her 0-3 month clothes are big on her! She has tiny petite little hands and feet and is just so cute, what a difference from 10 pound and 22 inch babies! They were cute too of course, but it sure is fun to have a little baby. I'll keep you posted!


Becca said...

Ahh Kelly you are on the ball!! It was so fun to read your story and know that everything is good. Peyton is a cutie and I'm so happy for you that you made it and that your ok and that you arn't pregnant anymore!! Doesn't it feel good. Anyways, good job on another beautiful and healthy baby. Take it easy, put your feet up and enjoy that baby girl!!!
Love ya tons,

Ohio Rasmussens said...

Yeah....a baby girl!!! She is going to be spoiled and well protected in your home! Congrats on a job well done and Becca is right. Get all the sleep you can while you are in the recovery period. We are excited for you!

Becca said...

Hey, as soon as your up for it, I'm anxious to see more pictures!!! Hope your doing good!!