Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hanford Train Trip June 18

Every year, every June to be exact, we take a train to Hanford with Play Pals, our playgroup. It is always so much fun. We ride the carousel and the old fashioned fire truck and we get ice cream at Superior Dairy, they have the best ice cream I have ever had. Anyway, this year was even better because it wasn't as hot. We are usually pretty miserable because of the heat, but this year it wasn't bad at all. Some of our group had already had lunch, so when people were starting to head over to the dairy we had not yet eaten lunch. I figured that we could get our ice cream and then have lunch and eat it right after, well, to make a long story short, everyone wanted to stay at the dairy and eat their ice cream, so we did too! Yes, we had ice cream for lunch. Micah asked me twice, "So, you mean we can eat our ice cream now?!" It was great, they give you so much that we were more than full for the rest of the afternoon. While we were there Peyton had a blowout poopy diaper in the stroller, uggh! On the flip side, Ben told me he had to pee! This was when he first started letting me know when he had to go! If you know Hanford, you probably know about all the sulfer in their water. Do you know what sulfer smells like? Well, let me tell you this. When we were finished using the bathroom and Ben was at the sink washing his hands he told me he got poo poo on him. Well, he just thought he did because of how the water was smelling from the faucet, it is disgusting!

Jacob, Benjamin and Micah on the way to Hanford.
Peyton's 1st Train ride!!!
Ben likes to do this face for pictures all the time lately.
I am rarely in pictures, so I took one myself! Me and Peyton.
I love the faces Jacob makes when he is doing things! Thanks Angie! (She is the one in the back that took care of all the details, she even brought bubbles and balls and little gift bags for the kids to keep them happy!)

Peyton's 1st Carousel ride!
Benji on the carousel, we must have all ridden this a dozen or more times, and it's very fast, I got pretty dizzy.
Micah and his friend Joseph.
This is Ben on the firetruck. He was trying to get everyone to wave at him. Micah rung the bell whenever we saw someone on the street.
Enjoying ice cream at Superior Dairy, we really got way too much! I divided it up into smaller cups, next time I need to take a picture of the size of one single serving, it's about 3 scoops, big scoops!
Micah, Jacob and Joseph, going home.


The Gage Cage said...

I am impressed that you do that trip every year. Looks like you had a fun time. This will definitely be a happy childhood memory for you children. I love the shirt you are wearing. Very pretty!

kelly said...

Thanks, it's one of 2 shirts that are my favorite, I wear it and the other all the time! I need to go get some more shirts, thank you though, I guess I love it for a reason!

Brooke said...

Hanford..HaHa...We pretty much grew up there when we were little since my moms whole family lives there. I love superiors dairy, and yes the serving sizes are ridiculously huge!! When you brought up the sulfur water i about peed my pants. My aunt lives there and when we were little we hated taking baths because we felt dirtier when we got out. HaHa. Good times!

RMCarter said...

Ryan's been BEGGING me to go on this train ride. He saw a special about it on PBS and really, really wants to go! :)

He would fit right in with your 3 boys...

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

Wow! I'll have to get more info. from you about this. It looks like such a fun day. We'll have to try this next time we are in California. I bet the kids loved the train and especially the carosel. And the picture you took of you and Peyton is absolutely adorable!! You look beautiful! I took one of Brynlee and I yestesrday, holding the camera the same way and it was fun to actually BE in a picture with one of my girls. She thought it was fun the way we were taking it too!

Caleen said...

Kelly, Hi!! I found your blog through Brooke.. I hope that is o.k. Silly, we live around the corner and down a street and we can't seem to connect..
Hanford is our 2nd home. I grew up eating Superior Dairy Ice Cream.. My favorite is Orange and Chocolate.. What a fun trip for your kids.. I loved Hanford because it was a small, close knit town with that small town feel.. Of course, it has grown.. Take care :)

Helga said...

FUN!!! Bryan and I love the Merri-Go-Round too!! (see other Laing blog) :) xoxo