Monday, July 7, 2008

More Charlotte

I have not been in a blogging mood, but I'll do a bit anyhow. Peyton had her 6 months pics taken at Sears yesterday. When we got there there was some problem and they said we had no appt. for us, ugghhh! So, since we were there and ready we waited, about 45 minutes. By then she was tired, the boys were horrifically bored and playing with props and Ben was standing on chairs and playing with the photo viewing computer. I was one of those times when you are really embarrassed my your kids behavior, but I couldn't blame them either. We go back Thursday for Ben's 3 yr pics. That could be good, so they can see what great kids I have, or bad, if there are more problems!!! Today is going to be a hard day, my 2 big boys are grounded today because they didn't come to the dinner table last night when called at least 5 times. We haven't been doing much, just swimming at my parents house mostly and I have been getting caught up on my digital scrapbooking.

Ok, these pics are of my dear sweet Charlotte. Her and Diego absolutely love one another. They play often and always take turns chasing each other. Getting her was great for Diego, he's having lots of fun with her.


girlymom4 said...

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Kim said...

Hi Kelly!

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